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                                                                                                    ABOUT IN BRIEF

Backyard Groceries is a budding suburban business that seeks to connect people with each other, their communities and Mother Earth through the common desire for our families to be healthy.

Never has this movement been more called for; not only is growing our own food central to avoiding food additives and harmful chemicals, it is also a way to create a cushion against raising food prices and concerns. The dought in California isn't going to lower food prices in 2014!

Our business will help you achieve savings while coaching you to supply your family with pesticide-free, sustainable produce that is tastier and more satisfying than what you buy in stores!

Whether you want to get your hands in the dirt and actively learn, or sit back and watch your food grow, Backyard Groceries is here to make it happen!


By staying on the cutting edge of small scale organic food production, we know how to transform your under-utilized areas (ie lawns) into ecologically productive and stable spaces where you and your children could be harvesting food and connecting with nature for years to come.


We will meet you where you are and coach you to hone your vegetable gardening skills. Over time, you may realize that you and those around you have become more environmentally aware, healthier and more motivated. As family and communities share these experiences, we invision an opening to build more vibrantly alive communities!


The backyard revolution starts with you, with Backyard Groceries in your corner!


growing, fruits ripening, herbs wafting; all this as we learn to look on nature, like the countless generations before us, with appreciation. This is the beauty of having a vegetable garden.

Backyard Groceries was established in 2012 with the intent to bring people closer to their food, literally and figuratively. Having an in-depth knowledge of various growing styles and the differences, we encourage clients to dialogue with us so as to be better able to decide together on which method and design best suits their needs. We offer coaching services to show clients the ins and outs of taking care of their style of garden. Since we are placing an emphasis on empowering others in our community to grow their own produce, we offer flexible set up, maintenance, and consultation packages to suit the needs and skills of our clients. Please see the Service Packages page for more information.

Our company is principled, local, and truly grassroots. We strive to raise awareness, do no harm, use recycled materials when appropriate and promote well-being. In realizing that it is relationships that build healthy systems in both communities and gardens, we are looking to network with driven individuals and organizations that will enable us to reach our goals, in turn leading to enhanced human health and community education.

Backyard Groceries believes in holistic education and living. We and/or our affiliates and volunteers are open to networking with and addressing youths and adults about a range of topics with the goal of inspiring a more aware and fulfilled life. Our services are available to homeowners, community living residences, schools, businesses, landscape businesses and community groups/gardens. We are actively counting the benefits and reasons why people are making the shift to growing their own food! If you would like to add your own personal reason please click here.

 While many organizations with an environmental focus have chosen to operate on a not-for-profit basis, the founder of Backyard Groceries believes that in order to reach a larger audience and be sustainable this aspect of the environmental movement must embrace the self-perpetuating traits of business.

Neighbourhoods Served:
We are located in 
Markham and service the Greater Toronto Area including Aurora, King, Unionville, Stouffville, Scarborough, Thornhill, Richmond Hill, Toronto, Ajax, Pickering and Uxbridge.

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