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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Do you have free consultations?
Backyard Groceries offers free consultations so we can get to know what you want and provide an estimate. If you would appreciate a how-to consultation to give you the instruction to do it yourself that is also possible, just ask for an Instructional consultation. The rate for which is $50 an hour for local clients.

Do you design and install gardens with butterfly or hummingbird themes or only vegetable gardens?
Hummingbirds and butterflies are part of the living environment and we can definitely design a themed garden with them in mind.  Elements that attract butterflies and hummingbirds are already part of an edible landscape design but could be a more prominent design feature.

How much would it cost for you to put a vegetable garden in my backyard?
The price is dependent on both the service you select and the size of the area you want converted. A representative from Backyard Groceries would have to assess your needs and the work required in your space.

I have unused space, would you be interested in turning it into a vegetable garden and keep most of the harvest as payment?
We have considered the idea, and unless the circumstances are exceptional we cannot accept the offer. There are too many variables and it is not in harmony with our goals and mission. We would prefer you to be engaged in growing your own food.

Why are there different types of packages available?
Different packages exist due to the variations in the amount of work that is required to create and keep growing areas of various gardening styles. There is also the factor of the amount of resources people wish to put into the soil and treatment of their plants.

How do you grow your seedlings, and how many (insert variety) do you have available?
We grow our seedlings in a homemade potting mixes which include compost and extra minerals to give them a healthy start. Since there is no way to know the needs and varieties our future customers’ desire, we cannot guarantee that we have the varieties of seedlings you want. However, we do try to keep seeds of all the varieties we mention in our Customer Varieties List in stock.

How much are your consultations?
While we would like to give a flat rate for our instructional consultations, a person with a balcony would most likely not get the same value for their money as someone looking to upgrade a larger area. Our Instructional Consultation fee ranges from $40-60 / hr and includes verbal and/or written direction and a rough design. For a more comprehensive written plan there would be an additional fee of $50/hr for design.

Where do you get your soil?
While there are many sources for soil mixes, mulches, and top soil, we tend to give our business to a couple of suppliers that we know to have quality product. We prefer to build soil rather than purchase top soil, which is a limited resource and is trucked in from construction or excavation sites.

I have heard that synthetic fertilizers are bad in the long run. What kind of fertilizers do you use?
Knowing how synthetic fertilizers can negatively affect life in the soil, Backyard Groceries is very careful about the use of inorganic / synthetic fertilizers. Our representatives would only use them in very specific situations and with the informed request of clients.

Are there materials you supply?
Due to our size, we only supply non-transplant and non-seed materials to clients and past clients who have decided to go it on their own. The “The Frugal Forager” in the Service Packages section under services. If you are a returning client please email us to see if we have what you're looking for 'in stock'. eg) leaf mold etc.

Is this an economical investment? Will I make my money back in produce?
We encourage a more holistic view in your investment; however, if your vegetable garden is of a significant size you may recover your initial costs a lot quicker. For example, if you eat a lot of Organic Salad Greens you could recover your costs in one or two seasons with a 10’ by 4’ bed. Over time it is probably one of the best financial investments you can make!!

What experience do you have?
Besides being a member of a gardening family for all of my life, I have also had two years of employement in garden nurseries, raised plants in a university setting while obtaining a degree in Plant Biotechnology and have been gardening full time for three years now.

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