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Frugal Picture Examples The Frugal Forager


All gardeners may be frugal at heart, but this package is really for anyone looking to live a more cost-effective lifestyle.


We understand that numbers are important to you and your family.


By growing your own food, you can cushion yourself against rising food costs.


We’ll teach you how to be frugal in the garden with our most cost-effective techniques, tips and tricks.


Getting the tastiest and cleanest food around for next to nothing is a good thing. Knowing that you can consistently continue to produce food is priceless!




 What’s included:


  • Ground Preparation
  • Soil and Bed Installation
  • Organic Open Pollinated Seeds Directly Sown (Once)
  • Basic Positioning of Vegetables for Optimal Results
  • Crop Rotation Plan
  • Seed Starting Mix and Professional Starting Tray (Reuseable)
  • Backyard Groceries' Tips on How to Save Money in the Garden
  • Backyard Groceries' Garden Starter Booklet
  • Half an Hour of Coaching at time of Installation
  • Rain Gauge


Suggested Additions:


  • Compost Set Up or Construction
  • Fruit Tree Planting
  • Rain Barrel Installation

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