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                                                                  COMMUNITY INITIATIVES


Strong families and communities are built on simple things they have inerase 4 common: food, the desire for health and connection to nature. How can we expect to be feel fully connected to each other when we are personally disconnected from these things?

I propose that rallying around such a common element as food can bring family participation
back from the dead and serve as a cornerstone of communication, involvement and community
action. In turn, this would strengthen our communities and with planning, harness the vigor of
our youth and ‘that neighbour down the street', into a community force that will shape the future.



Backyard Groceries is currently pursuing working relationships with:

Pathways for Children, Youth and Families of York Region

James Robinson Public School
erase 8 York Region Food Network
Seeds for Change Gardens

Carville Community Garden (Future)
Markham Community Garden (Member)

Markham Sustainability Office

A local CSA

Street Tree Ecology Matters (STEM)

Elmgrove Organic Collective (EOC)
Arch 2 (Pending Permaculture Initiatives)
The Cutting Veg - Sutton


Together we can be more!


Don’t be shy to contact us if you would like to become involved, network, share resouces
or have an idea for an initiative that you would like us and/or yourself to take part in.



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A Community Lecture on Ecological and Fall Gardening at Armandale Community Centre, Ward 5 is available here in PDF form.

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