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  • Reignite people's fascination by showing them what can be produced in their own yards.
  • Produce clean and nutritious produce right at your back doorstep.
  • Build soils when possible to reduce the import of top soil
  • Encourage individuals with the goal of self-sufficiency.
  • Teach those who want to learn how to garden.
  • Raise awareness of GMOs and Round-Up.
  • Build Community around Growing Food!


Family Harvest


Our commitment to our clients is to provide a specialized and competitive service which is caring, cutting edge and empowering. We realize we would not exist without you and treat you as a partner in our backyard endeavors. The services we provide would be based on the service package that best suits your needs.

                                                                                    TO BUSINESS
sustainability diagramBackyard Groceries' commitment to itself is to become a lucrative business that is self-sustainable and central in the community's environmental education. We would love to find ways to work with local businesses. As we expand, we will find ways to structuralize Backyard Groceries' principles into an evolving business model.


Our mission statement for communities is to accelerate the transition to sustainable suburban farming, transforming under-utilized space to productive gardens, reducing waste through the promoting of backyard composts, connecting people with organizations, and by offering general educational presentations on a variety of topics relating to well-being.



Last but not least, Backyard Groceries commits to be a good steward of the environment and pass on what we know. We will abstain from using GMO seed, treated seed, or seed known to be the property of companies like Monsanto that are doing incalculable harm to the environment. We prefer to use open pollinated seed over hybrids, as nature intended. We will not use synthetic pesticides and see natural or organic pesticides as a last resort. Backyard Groceries will do its best to reduce our impact utilizing recycled materials when appropriate, carefully sourcing our materials, and planning with sustainability in mind.

 C Perennial Ecosystem 2016 smaller


Our company was created to assist individuals and communities to shift to a more balanced and sustainable way of life through food production. We see the production and the control of food as a critical element to an individual's and society's health, freedom and environment. All income brackets should have access to proper nutrition and through educational visits, one on one coaching, writings and our daily work we aim to find ways of bringing local, affordable and nutritious food to all people.  Many of our goals are actually the realization of the interconnectedness between elements of health, environment and community.

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