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While the urban agriculture needs of you and your family may differ in individual ways, we have put together five packages that may suit your urban agriculture goals and aspirations and take you where you want to go.

(We're proud to also offer very versitile individual services enabling us to meet you where you are)


Family harvest

Family Harvest      ·       Do you want to do something fun and productive?


      ·        Are you feeling a desire to get closer to the land and your food?


      ·        Are you tired of steadily increasing grocery bills?





         ·        Do you shop mainly for quality food?


         ·        Are you worried about pesticides exposure?


              ·         Are you curious about what is beyond Organic?





The Cottage Potager

The Cottage Potager


                    ·        Do you like to try new things?


               ·        Do you like the idea of a landscape that is both ornamental and edible?


               ·        Do you wish you could do something to support bee populations?



                    The Frugal Forager

    The Frugal Forager
Are you looking to save on your next grocery bill?


             ·        Do you like to make the most of what you have?


             ·        Does growing your own money sound appealing to you?






                     Earth Keeper

Earth Keeper

          ·       Are you looking for a low maintenance edible landscape?


         ·        Do you have love for the environment?


         ·        Would you like to experience the future of food cultivation?



   Still unsure which Package is right for you? We've put together a Chart of Packages to serve as visual comparison of the services offered through each package. We also offer installation of raised beds without all the extras.


Let's book a consultation to find out which package is the best fit to what's important to you and your family.



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