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Remove chemicals from products
For your body to remove the chemicals that are now found in personal and household products, it requires a good supply of antioxidants. The first step in a chemical-“free” lifestyle would be to lessen your intake of chemicals. You will find it surprisingly simple now that alternatives are getting more attention. I started making body creams and lip balms a few years ago for personal and family use, I now have a small line of homemade products, Plantae Creams, formulated using essential oils for healing and sensory enjoyment. The basics of having a "chemical free" house do not take long and soon you will be making new friends and converting old friends.

Clean drinking water
Cleaning up your water is a second step, which sounds harder than it is. Simply invest in a water filtration device that filters out most of gunk found in tap water and bottled water, Brita does not cut it. Eliminating fluoride with a filtration device is a little bit trickier, but it is a major pollutant. It may be easier to prevent it from being added to our water source with community action, kind of like Windsor just did.


Clean Produce

Although conventional crops retain a lot of chemical residues, genetically modified (GM) crops may be even worse. GM crops have either been designed to tolerate the herbicide glyphosate or Round-Up or been engineered to internally produce the Bacillus thuringiensis (BT) toxin. Both harm good gut microbes having an effect on human mental clarity, autoimmune conditions, fertility and quality of life in general. California’s Prop.37 showed that the public will have to actively push back if they want to know what they’re eating and be granted permission to influence the market place with their food choices.

Eating above and beyond the FDA’s guidelines for recommended daily doses of certain vitamins and minerals can ward off chronic diseases, prevent the epigenetic expression of many
human viruses and even reverse conditions like multiple sclerosis  and type two diabetes. Aspects of the medical system can be useful in a pinch, but factually their record for successfully treating chronic and autoimmune diseases is very poor and their knowledge of nutrition is extremely limited and underused. There are professionals including holistic nutritionists and NDs who focus on these aspects of health as well as meditation, detox and stress reduction.

Food is a fundamental twenty-first century issue. With a rise in allergies and immune disorders, many health care professionals are looking at the foods we are consuming as the culprits. I encourage everyone to start a healthy non-GMO vegetable garden in their backyard. In doing so you can avoid chemical contaminates in foods, nutritionally deficient packaged foods and rising food prices all in ONE STEP. Non-dietary benefits of tending a vegetable garden include the promotion of relaxation, extension of life, establishment of a healthy seasonal routine, lessening your environmental impact, teaching your kids about healthy diet choices and where food comes from and the enhancement of general well-being. Gardeners are also provided with the opportunity for light exercise, sunshine, spiritual connection and mindfulness. We are inextricably linked to Mother Nature. More and more science is showing that when we eat well it means the Earth is being respectfully kept.

*Exercise is also important

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