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"I feel very privileged this year to have organic fruit, vegetables and herbs growing in my own backyard. Thank you Bryan for planting and taking care of my garden. I also liked the mouse melons which I had never heard of and was pleasantly surprised. Looking forward to next year's backyard garden.  Thanks!"
~ Josie

"Bryan, thank you so very much for everything you have done to support my class this year. They have loved learning about our gardens with you!" ~ Kristin

"Thank you for sharing your plant passion with the staff and students at James Robinson Public School"
~ Jeanette


"I can personally attest to Bryan’s amazing work and knowledge – he has helped me begin the journey of successfully growing my own food. I take much ribbing for my kale consumption, but I can’t mention Bryan’s work without saying that the kale and lettuces he helped me to grow are by far the most flavourful and delicious I’ve ever had!" 
~ Colleen

"Wow, the backyard is looking like a dream! I just saw it today as I came home late last night and didn't notice the changes. I've been so busy at work lately that getting things organized in the garden sort of fell off my list of priorities. What a change! All cleaned and looking perfect with just a few things for me to do now. Thank you so much for transforming our not-so-useful backyard into this productive land that keeps me grounded and happy. Keeping it organized and well looked after is another task that seemed daunting but not anymore;-) The last project has been another success and we are very pleased with the outcome. I have been enjoying my tomatoes, raspberries, blackberries, chard, celery, herbs, kale etc.etc.... I just love coming out there and enjoying this little glimpse of paradise you've created for us. I feel like a real gardener now which is of course just an illusion as I don't think I would ever be able to accomplish any of this on my own.
We are really grateful for all the hard work and care you have given to our garden and by extension to us. Also, knowing that it is all organic and clean gives me even greater incentive to keep going so we can continue to contribute to our health as much as it is possible in this polluted and stress filled world. I believe that this year I've gained some experience and a lot of understanding, thanks to your gentle guidance, and hope to be a better student next year in my succession gardening by planning properly to harvest things more evenly throughout the season.

Thank you again and again for your contribution to our physical and emotional wellbeing..."

~ Natasha, Ron and Mishka Minken

“I bought 10 tomato plants from Backyard Groceries in 2014, and they proved the best I have ever grown. They were of various different varieties, many heritage types, and each did very well in my raised bed in Whitby, giving me bumper crops without the need to do anything more than water them. I have personally been working at the top of the horticulture industry in both the UK and Canada for the last 20 years, and I can say that Bryan’s plants were well priced and disease free, very impressive when you consider they are produced organically. I will definitely be buying from him again, and look forward to the fruits of my (not very much) labour in 2015 !” 
~ Dan

"Thanks for bringing your passion to JRPS. Your interest in the environment really is Awesome. Thank you for sharing your talents" !
~ Debra


"You have done an outstanding job with gardens at JRPS!"
~ Bronson

"We had a blast with Backyard Groceries this year building our school garden!  They provided excellent support in starting and maintaining the garden.  Through different hands on activities, students learned lots about planting and the environment that we can never do within the four walls of our classroom."
~ Iris M.



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