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We specialize in growing a wide variety of edibles in almost as wide of a set of conditions. How it works is when you contact us in an email we'll attach an Interests Questionaire with our response. Once you've thought about what you'd like for your edible space, we'll set up a free twenty minute phone consultation so you can give us a better idea of what type of service you would require. If you're interest is in raised beds solely we can go ahead and provide an estimate as well as a timeline in the same twenty-minute phone conversation. However, if your interests are dabbling in permaculture and edible landscaping we'll suggest booking an on-site consultation that would serve as part of the design process if you choose to continue with our services.

During the on-site consultation following our conversation, our services would include the following: 


  • A general assessment of soil pH and soil structure via basic tests and botanical observations.
  • The potential for food production available to you on your property.
  • Property assessment of abiotic factors that affect growth and what could be done to rectify them.
  • An email sent shortly afterwards summarizing the points of our meeting.
  • Advise on what growing system best suits your needs.



Early spring and fall are great times to install and/or plan your vegetable garden or edible landscape! While raised beds can be put in at any time of the year. Please send a message to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to book a consultation and for further inquiries.

If you would like to do the heavy lifting yourself, we offer an Instructional Consultation as well. Please inquire.consultation-image


We perfer to price maintenance as a package which includes supplies, however, maintenance itself is available as a service for $50 per hour. Instructional Consultations are $100 an hour and design and coaching services are $50.


Pricing for workshops, presentations and installation jobs are evaluated on a project to project basis.


Packages that are already priced includ raised bed installations, elementary school Food Literacy Programs and Organic Fruit Tree Sprays.


We wish everyone to be able to take part in growing their own food. Instructional Consultations, DIY kits and The Frugal Forager package allow anyone with a space to grow with a chance to learn quickly and shave years of experimentation.

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