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Private Coaching & School Programs

 Offering coaching is a service we have decided to commit to. Afterall, what's knowledge if it is not shared and applied.


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If you want to learn how to do it yourself our coaching services are just the thing! Bryan will guide you to your next stage in understanding, whether that is companion planting, remineralization or starting at the basics. Just let us know how much you know, grab a pen and paper and step out into the garden and let your questions create your own adventure!




We are happy to provide informal verbal presentations to community groups, social gatherings or private residents. The interactive Q&A during these sessions creates more of an informal feeling and helps to fill gaps in your edible plant knowledge.


  kevin and cindia seeding workshop


We also offer a series of 1.5 hour Private Coaching Classes (email us for a chart of available classes) to our 

clients who prefer to learn more formally with structure and handouts or whom learn better while focusing on one subject at a time. This is a different service from our informal coaching.


Private Clients, Retirement Residences or School Classrooms may select what class(es) they would like to take part in. As long as numbers are manageable, we can transform our classes into hands-on workshops that really ground learning about our natural environment.



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Click here for our list of Power Point Presentations!



Please Note: We are happy to present to children and run workshops orientated for kids, however, in reality all of us have something to gain learning and working in alignment with nature. We cannot wait for it to be left up to our kids, the change has to start with us..



School Programs


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In previous years Bryan has worked with the Seeds for Change Gardens foundation to bring garden programs to local schools. The feedback has been outstanding, see our testimonials.

In 2016, Bryan has teamed up with Kate of KvinoNutrition to launch our own comprehensive food literacy program. Click here for more details. We are currently looking for teachers and principals who would like to see their kids thriving through healthy food and nutrition.




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