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Edible Landscapes & Permaculture Backyards



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Edible Landscapes normally include a raised bed(s) as part of the main harvesting area with additional plants that produce seasonal harvests scattered around amongst ornamentals. Designs can be of a Natural or Formal style and are tailor-made to the site and taste of the client. *Features such as being bird and butterfly friendly are definitely available. 
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Food Forests are an aspect of Permaculture design, centred around fruit trees the result is a lush blend of herbs, bushes and trees that share the same space.


When we install an Edible Landscapes or Permaculture Landscapes we anticipate that some resident(s) will want to be involved in installation. Clients are welcome to come work along side us as an exchange of labour for experience. Maintenance and harvesting is something clients can learn how to do with often less than 2 hours a week. We offer on-site coaching to help you learn to take care of your own landscape ! Learning to care for one of these landscapes lends to a maturing appreciation of nature's connections that nature lovers THRIVE from.

We also offer indepth classes and presentations on selected subjects (see Presentations and Writings).


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(Edible Landscape before and after pictures centred on raised beds)


Permacultre differs from Edible Landscapes in that it is a set of principles rather than a noun. Permaculture design equates to every element having a functional purpose that is linked into a larger design. Althoughwe strongly apply these principles to Edible Landscapes, our purpose with permaculture would be to design and incrementally work towards a self-sustaining ecosystem which produces more perennial yields in a backyard or acerage.

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