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Why Raised Beds?


Raised Beds help with ease of access, weed management and drainage. Additional benefits include adding a focal point made of natural wood that adds beauty, function and pride into a landscape.

Single Level: 8 inches deep. This is the standard choice when starting your own mini-farm with multiple beds. Box project






Double Decker: Sixteen inches provides ample depth for all but the deepest rooted vegetables.

 Two Footer: 24" provides generous space for growing roots even without preparing the soil beneath! Easy on the back with minimal bending.



 Our Beds are stackable and constructed from untreated Spruce or long lasting Cedar. Quickly and professionally installed in a day, these raised beds provide you with thirty-two uninterrupted square feet of primed growing space for Returns on Your Investment! A mixture including Perlite and Compost, usually mushroom, is enclosed within the wooden 2" barrier which is embedded into the ground. Two inch wide boards resist rot and degradation dependably for 4 to 6 years, spruce and cedar, respectively.



 *Free Coaching Session includes planting your seeds / transplants with you as we advise you on placement and Companion Planting of your Heirloom selections. This offer is designed to teach you about your raised bed and is only offered on installation day.




  8" Single Level 16" Double Decker 24" Two Footer
Natural Cedar $ 670 $ 970 $ 1270
Natural Spruce $ 600 $ 900 $ 1200


We calculate you have the potential to grow up to $900 a year of organic produce!









  • Enhanced Well-Being
  • Increased Longevity
  • Reduced Stress
  • Light Family Exercise
  • Healthy Eating Habits     
  • Pride in Ownership
  • Optimal Nutrition and Taste       
  • And Many More!
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 \ Installation of Raised Bed2


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